SiteDriverSM Benefits

Help keep users engaged on your site

SiteDriverSM Explainer Video

SiteDriver1 Benefits Summary

  • Seamlessly integrate your dealership’s website with trusted Kelley Blue Book Values
  • Enhanced, modern display captures car shopper’s attention and effectively guides them through the streamlined valuation process.
  • Trade-In values displayed in range utilizing the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor


Optimized to display across all platforms – mobile, desktop/laptop and tablet.

User Engagement

Designed to keep users engaged when they are uncertain about submitting personal information.

Trusted® Blue Book Values

A simple and easy way for your website visitors to quickly see the Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value and Trade-In Range for their current vehicle, without ever leaving your website.

Balance the amount of information required from the customer with their desire to obtain a value quickly

  • Customer has option to take comprehensive condition quiz to assess actual condition of their trade-in
  • Customer indicates Make/Model they are interested in purchasing
  • Displays the top eight optional equipment items that have the most material impact on the Trade-In Value

1SiteDriver is not sold separately but available to ICO participating dealers or as part of a package with ICO.